My grandmother took this trip in 1961 but her traveling didn’t stop there.  In the following years she went to Africa, took me to Guadalajara, Mexico for a couple of weeks and also spent time traveling to historic sites in the old original thirteen states.  She never tired of traveling and meeting people wherever she went. 

     In the aftermath of her trip around the world my mother and her organized all her pictures, wrote down notes on what she saw and her feelings.  She even did presentations for various groups in our community in an effort to share what she learned and to inspire others to travel too.

     In mid 1969 my grandmother talked my mother into taking a trip around the world with her knowing that she also liked to travel.  She wanted to take my mother on a trip similar to the one she took in 1961.  Unfortunately, while in Ireland, their first stop, problems developed and because of it they made the decision to return home.  They talked of doing it later on but that was not to happen. 

     After their return home from the failed trip, my grandmother developed a sudden onslaught of symptoms which caused her to go to the doctor.  As a result of testing they found she needed immediate surgery.  During surgery they discovered a fast growing cancer and on October 4th, 1970 my grandmother passed away.  Her death didn’t come easy for her as is the case with most cancers.  But with her papers, journals and pictures my grandmother left a legacy behind her of something that will never be lost.

     I’ve enjoyed sharing what I learned about her trip and I hope you have too.


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