December 28, 1961 – England

Washington Hotel, London, England – Clear, very cold

     Edith and I got up early today to go sightseeing.  We dressed as warmly as we could and then went down to the dining room for breakfast. 

     Once breakfast was done I got a map of the area from the front desk so we could walk to see the nearby Buckingham Palace.  We had to wait awhile for the changing of the guard at 11:30am because I wanted to take some pictures.  The clerk at the front desk said that the temperature today was ten degrees above zero but because there was a little breeze it was much colder due to the wind chill.  Edith waited with me for a few minutes but decided she didn’t want to stay any longer and returned to the hotel alone.  I was cold too but stayed for the whole ceremony since I didn’t know if I would ever have another chance to see it.  I had a scarf over my head to protect my ears and that helped keep me warm.  After the ceremony I didn’t want to return to the hotel quite yet so I walked through Queen’s Park and enjoyed the exercise.  I enjoyed being here during the winter even though it made it cold for touring.  It was nice to be able to experience their change of seasons here.

St James Square with Guards

Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guards

Another View of the Guards

Third View of Changing of the Guards

Fourth View of Changing of the Guards

Fifth View of Changing of the Guards

Sixth View of Changing of the Guards

Queens Park during Winter

     By the time I got back to the hotel I thought I was coming down with Edith’s cold too because I was coughing and felt like I had a fever.  When I checked at the front desk to see if I’d gotten any mail I was disappointed that nothing was waiting but the desk clerk and I spent a few minutes visiting together anyway.  She told me that most sports events had been cancelled and many factories were closed down.  She told me that on the “tele” the news reported that homes all over the area had experienced frozen water pipes due to the shortage of electricity needed for heating.  The weather was very, very out of the ordinary according to her. 

     Edith and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in our room.  Both of us were feeling ill and didn’t want to do anything more than we had to the rest of the day.  We ordered room service for dinner but neither of us had much of an appetite.  We had requested several pots of hot tea and a few Irish coffees to come with our dinners.  Between the hot tea and Irish coffee I felt warm and relaxed when it came time to go to bed.  When I crawled into bed I was glad we had the extra heaters and I really hoped I felt better in the morning.


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