December 27, 1961 – England

Washington Hotel, London, England – Clear, very cold

     Edith and I slept very well last night and I woke up this morning snuggly warm.  We called for room service again today and I had my favorite – Eggs Benedict. 

     We had decided to do some shopping today since we didn’t have any tours although we thought we’d go see Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum if we felt okay.  Our hotel was centrally located so we were able to find numerous little shops selling a wide variety of things all within easy walking distance.  Edith and I were both interested in finding Wedgewood dishware so we tried to find shops selling it.  Once we found one store I bought a Wedgewood tea pot, a candy dish along with a cup and saucer as a Christmas present for Edith.  Edith in turn bought me a Wedgewood dish that was quite lovely as a present too. 

     As we continued shopping I was pleased when I finally found something for Liz Anne and Mike.  It wasn’t very exciting but I knew their mothers would appreciate the knit suits I bought for Liz Anne and the sweater for Mike.  I also bought some ash trays that I thought my brothers and Ray would like since they could always use a new one.   Ramona had given up smoking but Ray still hadn’t so I knew he would use them.  We took all our things back to the hotel and put them away.  By the time we made it back to the hotel it seemed like we had walked for what seemed like miles and miles today.

     After putting all our things away we left the hotel and found a little café to have lunch.  They specialized in soups and sandwiches and on a cold day that sounded very good to us.  Once we’d eaten we caught a taxi to go to the wax museum. 

     Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum was terrific and we really enjoyed it.  Seeing the movie stars, famous people and characters that all looked so lifelike was fascinating.  I especially loved John Wayne and the one of Marilyn Monroe.  The section on famous murderers and criminals called the Chamber of Horrors was grisly and I had trouble even walking through that section.  We were given a brochure with our tickets and after reading it I found the history on how the museum got started fascinating.  It also went over a little of how they made the wax look so lifelike and I found their ability amazing.

     We caught a taxi back to the hotel and returned to our nice warm room to clean up for dinner.  We determined that since we only had a few days left on our trip we would dress up and have a little celebration.  Edith and I settled on having steak and lobster as our entre. 

     Dinner was so good that when we got to our room both of us felt relaxed, fat and sassy but we played cards for a couple of hours anyway before going to bed.


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