December 23, 1961 – Spain

Palace Hotel, Madrid, Spain – Drizzly rain, very cold

     Edith and I woke up early but went back to sleep for a little while longer because both of us were still worn out from our ordeal yesterday.  We didn’t have any tours to take today and both of us were glad since it was still raining and cold outside.

     Finally about 10am Edith and I got up, ordered room service for breakfast and got ourselves ready to go back, once again, to the tour office to check on our flight arrangements.  Since we found we couldn’t count on them to keep us informed we decided to check on them frequently ourselves. 

     Since the rain had let up Edith and I decided to do a little more shopping after we finished our business.  I had seen a purse previously that I decided I wanted so we went back to that shop.  I was excited that the price had been dropped to $18 and true to form Edith determined she wanted one too.  However, the store didn’t have any more so we had to look around other shops to see if we could find another purse like mine.  An hour later we did find another place that had a similar purse but it cost Edith $22 which didn’t please her at all.  I came away with the feeling she blamed me for the difference in price.

     While we were looking around we found a nice little café that had wonderful smells coming out of it so we stopped to eat.  Afterward when we were done eating it had started raining hard so we caught a taxi back to our hotel and decided to stay there the rest of the day.  Once we were back in our room Edith and I partook of the siesta custom and took a nice long nap which I thought was much needed.

     When we woke up Edith and I ordered room service for dinner and then played cards for awhile till it was time to go to bed.  We wanted to go to bed early because the following day we had to fly to London.  As I lay there trying to sleep I was glad my trip was almost over.


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