December 19, 1961 – France

Plaza Hotel, Nice, France – Clear

     Edith and I got up at 7am this morning.  Edith and I had slept well because we found our beds were quite comfortable.  We decided to have breakfast in our room and I loved every bite of the omelet I ordered. 

     After eating we decided to go shopping a little more before leaving for the airport.  The shop where Edith had bought the perfume was near the hotel and she wanted to go back and get a little more.  This time I made sure to have some money with me so I could buy some perfume too but not nearly as much as her.  I only got 1 ounce of Shalimar for $16.

     Once we got back to the hotel at noon we checked out and took a taxi to the airport.  At the airport we got our tickets and sat down to wait for our flight.  We were on a Lufthansa Airlines for our trip to Barcelona in Spain and the flight was quite nice.  During the trip we had a wonderful lunch of filet mignon and free champagne served by the stewardess and it was quite elegant.   Our flight arrived at 2:10pm and I was happy because it looked like we would have some free time during the afternoon.

     On the drive from the airport into Barcelona we noticed many things.  First we found that the people looked much better dressed and more prosperous that they had in the area of France where we were.  Also that the city had traffic signals and if you crossed the streets against them you were taking your life in your hands.  We passed several pedestrians who took the risk and one almost was hit by a car.  It was scary.

View of Barcelona from Hillside

     Our reservations for Barcelona were at the Hotel Avenida Palace which turned out to be very elegant and we had a very nice room.  Edith and I unpacked a few things to wear tonight and in the morning.  I also laid out some clothes to wash out.  After doing that both of us wanted some fresh air so we went down to the lobby and got directions to an area nearby that we could shop in.  We were disappointed when the clerk explained that it was still siesta for many shops and that it would be better to wait to look around so we returned to our room and washed out our clothes.

     Later Edith and I both explored near the hotel and found a few shops with interesting things for sale.  We found a perfumery whose prices were much less than Nice and Italy and Edith and I splurged and bought some more perfume.  I found some My Sin for only $8 an ounce and thought I would surprise Ramona with that as a present.  As we walked back to the hotel darkness was coming on and everywhere we saw the Christmas decorations light up and it was so beautiful.  With a chill it made it feel more like Christmas than it would have been back in Ventura with its very moderate temperature at this time of year.

     Dinner turned out to be a real treat.  Edith and I had a drink before eating then ordered a wonderful Spanish meal.  I had a lamb dish and Edith went with chicken. For desert we both had a flambé dish that was scrumptious.  After dinner Edith and I returned to our room to play cards for a little while before turning in for the night.


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