December 18, 1961 – France

Plaza Hotel, Nice, France – Clear, cold

     I slept well last night and it felt good to wake up today and know we were free to do what we wanted all day.  We made plans for our day while we ate breakfast.

     After we ate Edith and I confirmed our travel arrangements for the following day to fly to Barcelona.  Then we got directions to the bus depot from the concierge and caught the bus to Antibes.  We had fun walking around the town looking in stores.  No one we encountered spoke English though so we didn’t have any help.  Edith found one shop that had Limoges plates and she bought several of them.  We found a lovely little café and had lunch there. Our afternoon was relaxing and interesting.  We finally caught our bus back to the hotel and arrived by 3pm.

Antibes Outdoor Cafe with Edith

     We only stayed long enough at our hotel to freshen up before caught another bus at 5pm to go to Monte Carlo.  Our trip took us by way of Grande Corinche showed us gorgeous scenery and gave us a chance to look down on the illuminated city of Nice and the other villages along the coast.  Once we arrived at Monte Carlo we found it was a massive building with an exotic garden.  The interior of the famous gambling casino was marble with brilliant frescoes on the walls and ceiling.  It had the most glittering chandeliers that looked like dripping diamonds.  We only spent a couple of hours walking around before we caught another bus back to our hotel.  Our drive to Monte Carlo took an hour each way and then we spent a couple of hours walking around the casino before returning to our hotel.

     We had returned to our hotel relatively early but in time to get our dinner in the dining room before returning to our room.  Once we were back in our room Edith and I washed out some things and then I sat down to write Ramona a letter to bring her up to date:

Dec 18, 1961 – Nice, France

Dear Ramona and Everyone;

     I got this paper at the last place (Florence, Italy) so will use it to show you the picture of the hotel in Florence.  Our room was on the 2nd floor front. 

     We did a lot of running around there.  Edith wanted to get shoes.  She finally found a place and they will send them to her – $28.  I looked at purses but the prices were too high.  My purse has both handles broken – it’s a mess.  We could not change our money in Italy so this morning I got Franks for my Italian money – took a loss on it. 

     We took the bus for Antibes this morning and got our lunch there.  We didn’t find one person who could speak English so we had quite a time.  Edith bought some Limoges saucers and we came back.  I have a terrible time with the money here for the first time, maybe my brain is added. 

     This afternoon at 5pm we took the bus to Monte Carlo and got there at 6pm.  It was all lit up like Christmas trees everywhere and Cyclamen blooming in patterns.  We went into the casino and it was beautiful, marble and frescos – everywhere. They wanted to charge us $3 to go in the gambling room so we didn’t go in and after walking around we came back to the hotel. 

     Our hotel here is right on the Mediterranean and our room looks out on it.  It is lovely.  I am writing you this letter just so I could get you a stamp.

      Edith also bought some perfume.  I was buying some and found I didn’t have my traveler checks with me so I skipped it.  Well we will be taking the plane at 12:30 pm tomorrow so I will sign off now so I can get some sleep.  Love Mother

     P.S. Open Rays suit from Hong Kong if it doesn’t fit I won’t want to see it.  Love to you all.

     I was glad that I had finished another letter to Ramona so she would know what was going on.  I sealed up my letter and then since Edith was done in the bath room I decided to take a bath before going to bed.  I was excited about traveling to Spain in the morning so going to sleep was hard.


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