December 11, 1961 – Greece

Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens, Greece – Clear, cold

     Since Edith and I were up so late the night before we decided to sleep in this morning.  Once we woke up and had a nice breakfast together, we went shopping together for a few hours. 

     Edith and I found the streets were nice and clean, the people friendly and there were some really nice stores to look through.  Edith bought a few things but I decided to save my money and think about what I wanted.  By the time we got back to the hotel we only had enough time to eat before our afternoon tour. 

     We spent the afternoon seeing famous ruins in and around Athens.  Once again I wished that Ramona had been able to come with me because I knew she would have enjoyed seeing all of it and she would have been able to tell me a lot about what we were seeing.  We saw the Acropolis with its Propylaea, the Parthenon and the Temple of the Wingless Victory.  Our group also got to see the theatre of Dionysius and the Porch of the Caryatids with its sculpted female figures which serve as support columns on the north side of the Acropolis.  Walking around the ruins gave me a sense of times past and the Athens’s vast history.  You could just imagine people like Socrates having walked on the same steps that I just did.



Rear of Parthenon

Temple of Wingless Victory

     By the time we got back to our hotel I was tired and dirty so I decided to take a bath before we went to our celebratory farewell dinner. 

     Our meal tonight was at the Sono Restaurant Bar.  This was the last time our tour group would all be together.  The meal was paid for by the tour agency and was meant to be a traditional Greek meal with entertainment.  We all ate a lot, drank a lot and had great conversations.  Edith and her son, Rod, were back in Athens for the night and had surprised us by being there for the celebration.  I was glad that they were seated from me because it gave me a chance to compare notes with them about what they had seen.  Rod and I wound up having a fascinating conversation about his studies at college and also politics.

     By the time the bus brought us back to our hotel Edith and I were floating so I went to bed quite satisfied with my day.


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