December 7, 1961 – Egypt

Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt – Foggy, cool

     4:30am came very fast but I got up nonetheless and I made ready to leave the hotel at 5:30am like the rest of our group. 

     Once we reached the airport we found out, for the second time, that we were going to have a serious delay due to heavy fog.  We were scheduled to take a KLM flight to Istanbul but was cancelled because of engine trouble in Vienna so we had to wait till they could provide a plane from Atilalia Airlines to fly us to Athens but we didn’t leave till 8:45am.  As we approached Athens we caught a glimpse of the island of Crete and a fine view of Athens with the hundreds of small islands nearby until some clouds interfered.  We arrived in Greece about noon where we had a three hour wait till it was time to catch our next plane for a flight to Turkey. 

     I was pleased that during our time in Athens they took us to a nice restaurant to eat lunch.  The food had such wonderful flavors and tasted so good we all found the meal to be a real treat.  Our time in the restaurant turned out to be a nice break from having to wait at the airport.

     We enplaned to fly to Istanbul on the German airlines, Lufthansa.  On our flight Edith and I commented to each other that driving in and out of Athens we hadn’t noticed any beggars.  We arrived in Istanbul at 7pm and by the time we got there it started to rain on our drive into the city.  On our trip to the hotel we crossed the famous Ataturk Bridge. 

     Once we arrived at the Istanbul Hilton Hotel I was exhausted but when the clerk at the front desk gave me four letters it raised my spirits.  One was from Ramona, one from Harry White, one from my friend Susan and the last one was from Bob.  Edith and I were taken to our room and found it to be very deluxe although I still missed the one we had in Cairo.  I was pleased though that at least we still had a nice view of the Bosporus River below.

     I didn’t join Edith when she went down to join the others for dinner.  I was still full from lunch and I wanted to use my evening to wash some clothes, read my letters and rest.  I enjoyed having the time to myself while Edith was at dinner.  When Edith returned to the room at 10pm I had already gone to bed.


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