December 6, 1961 – Egypt

Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor, Egypt – Clear, cool

     When I woke up this morning I was glad we were leaving and not because I didn’t like the hotel, the area or the people but because the food at the hotel was so bad.  I finished packing and then headed downstairs to join everyone for breakfast but I wasn’t looking forward to eating.  I decided to order grapefruit and toast since it was hard to ruin them. 

     At 9:30am we left for a tour of the Luxor Temple ruins.  Edith got upset when she found out we had to walk to the ruins and although she hesitated about going she went anyway.  The ruins were impressive and interesting but not as spectacular as the ones we’d seen the day before at Karnak.  It was a good morning though and we were treated to seeing many wonderful sights. 


Another View of Luxor

Luxor Excavations

Queen Hitisup's Tomb

     Our return walk back to the hotel didn’t go as quick as the one to the ruins.  Edith and several others who were having foot issues took a lot longer to walk back than most of the tour group.  I stayed behind to walk with Edith so she didn’t feel too bad about moving so slow.  I was so grateful to Ramona for having pushed me to get the shoes I had because my feet never gave me any problems.

     Back at the hotel we made ourselves comfortable in the lobby to wait for our bus to take us to the airport.  Since we’d already been checked out of our rooms all we could do was make ourselves comfortable on the chairs and couches in the lobby.  Many of us had a light lunch during the wait but I made do with a banana that Edith brought me back after she had eaten.  Finally at 1:30pm the bus arrived and took us to the airport for our flight back to Cairo.

     As our plane flew into the airport at Cairo I was pleased to see the city again.  I had enjoyed Luxor but I liked Cairo better overall.  We made it back to our hotel at 4pm and I was pleased when I found out we had another good room on the eleventh floor.  Looking out the window at our view again I had to admit that Cairo was a truly beautiful city and I wished I could have stayed right there for longer than we were scheduled for.  I was going to be sorry to leave in the morning for the last time.

     Edith and I used the time before dinner to wash out a few things and organize our bags so we could just take out what we needed for the night and leave the rest untouched.  We joined the remainder of our group in the dining room for dinner and I was famished so when it came time to order I made a pig of myself. 

     After dinner I felt quite satiated and happy.  Flo, Curt, Edith and I thought we would play cards for a couple of hours but then decided to call it a night a short time later since we had to be up at 4:30am. 

     Before going to bed I couldn’t resist spending several minutes looking at the wonderful view of Cairo with its lights and the pyramids in the distance.  I knew I would miss this view a lot when we left.


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