December 1, 1961 – Jordan

Nassal Camp, Petra, Jordan – Clear, cool

     I woke up as soon as the sun came up this morning and made ready for the day.  Our surroundings were rugged but still very comfortable.  When we congregated for breakfast I was delighted at how good the food was.  We were given eggs, toast, potatoes and a choice of fruit along with coffee, tea or milk. 

     After we ate I got excited when our guide announced we would be given a lecture on Petra and its history before we went to see more of the valley.  The information we heard about the area was interesting and gave me more insight about what I was going to see.  Afterward all of us went to see the Pharaoh’s Treasure except Edith and Cecil, who wasn’t well enough to go with us.    We rode on donkeys to see several temples, carvings and whole spectacular rooms that had been cut out of the mountain.  While walking around to see the various places cut out, I couldn’t help but walk along and periodically touch the wall to see how it felt.  I’d always been a tactile person and like to touch things.  It was remarkable to experience.

Temple of Isis

Another View of Temple of Isis

     We made it back to Nassal Camp in time for lunch which turned out to be very tasty once again.  After lunch we mounted our horses for our 3 mile return trip back to the cars we’d left behind.  This time there were no accidents but many, including Edith and Cecil, did a lot of complaining while we rode.  I felt bad for Cecil especially because he was so sore from his fall the day before that I’m sure it wasn’t fun at all.  I was glad once we got back to the cars so we could get off our horses.  I hadn’t ridden in so many years I gotten out of practice doing it. 

Arab Boy Guide on Donkey

Arab Boy Guide and Grandma

     On our six hour ride back to the Ambassador Hotel I napped for quite awhile but on the way back to Jerusalem we stopped at Moses’ Spring.  Our guide told us it was where Moses smote a rock to make a spring emerge.  I was glad we stopped so that I could get out and stretch a bit before continuing on.  Despite the stop I managed to take a nap while we traveled and it felt good to be able to drop off.

Countryside and Camals

Arab Outpost and Camals

Arab Soldiers on Border

Rock of Moses

Rock of Moses and Children

     I was glad when we finally arrived back to our hotel in Jerusalem at 6pm and I was glad I had the rest of the day to recuperate from our horseback ride and hiking excursion.  Edith and I unpacked and got ready to join the others for dinner.  Our meal was good but I glad when I’d finished eating so I could return to my room for the night.  I wanted to wash out some things, take a bath and pack my suitcase but I was too tired so I just settled for taking a bath and going to bed. 

     Edith decided to play cards with some of the others and didn’t return to our room till much later.


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