November 28, 1961 – Jordan

Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem, Jordan – Clear, cool

     I got up extra early this morning because I wanted to write a letter to Ramona before I ate breakfast and went on my morning tour.  I was surprised at how chilly it was today so I put on a sweater to wear while I wrote my letter:

Nov 28, 1961 – Jerusalem, Jordan

Dear Ramona and everyone;

     This is just one more reminder to send me the $500 to Italy.  We have had more expenses than we thought.  Now today we have to pay an extra $8 for the trip to the Dead Sea and Jericho.  Also Edith and I are both mailing a package which will be expensive as the packages are heavy.  Our guide says this is a safe place to mail from.  We sure collect things without trying. 

     We have been having a wonderful tour here.  We walked The Way of the Cross and the 14 stations and been all over the city (on foot).  Last night we were all tired out.  Today we will mostly ride in cars and I have decided to go to Petra after all.  Edith is staying here at the hotel.  Her feet have been hurting and when she fell in Bali she must have twisted her shoe because she has to almost hobble when she walks. 

     I want to thank you a million for making me get my shoes.  I have had no foot trouble whatever and believe me we have walked miles. 

     This hotel is very nice but the food is funny.  Last night we had a pretty good meal (mutton) but the night before I had to send my plate back – it looked like slop.  They had put some mashed potatoes on a pork chop one and then covered the whole plate and food with soupy apple sauce – it was a mess.  The waiters here got mad.  Edith asked for hot water and he said “You’ll get it at the end of the meal.”  She wanted it to make her decaf which she carries with her. 

     Just think it will be just one more month and I will be home.  I am keeping my travel book and it is a good thing as I wouldn’t be able to remember anything if it weren’t for that.  We have seen so much, it is all just a jumble now.

     I’ve sent 16 rolls of film home so far.  I hope you have received them.  I am keeping the rest with me.  It costs too much to send home.  $2 for 2 rolls. 

     Well dear give my love to everyone.  Loads of love, Mother  

P.S. Get the $500 for sure.

     It felt good to get the letter to Ramona finished so I could mail it with the package I’d put together to send out.  The package contained a tray, little elephants and camels, fur hat, candle sticks, beads, kimono, cards, several crosses and some little toys for Mike and Liz Anne.  Edith and I joined our fellow travelers for breakfast and the meal turned out to be better than some of the other ones we’d had here.  After we ate Edith returned to our room to rest while I left for another day of sightseeing. 

Jerusalem, Jordan

      Today we were taken to Bethany where Lazarus was raised from the dead.   We stopped at the Mount of Olives and visited the Chapel of the Ascension where Jesus ascended into Heaven.  The guide told us that on the ascension rock inside the chapel you could still see the imprint of Jesus’ right foot.  Then we went to see the Pater Noster Church, a reconstructed Roman Catholic Church, which was also located on the Mount of Olives.  The Pater Noster Church sat on the traditional site of where Christ taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer.  From outside of the church we had a panoramic view of the entire city. 

Lazarus Tomb in Bethlehem

Church of the Ascension

Place of Ascension

Interior of Pater Noster Church Used for Prayers

View of Jerusalem from Garden of Agony for Church of All Nations

      We also saw the Temple Dome of the Rock which was supposed to be situated on top of where Solomon’s Temple once stood.  We also saw there the Wailing Wall near the Temple Mount. 

Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock

Wailing Wall

Dung Gate

St Stephen's Gate or Lion's Gate

      We visited the Garden of Gethsemane where we saw an olive tree 3,000 years old.  Then our tour took us to see Rachel’s tomb, the Shepherd’s Field where the flocks of sheep were being tended when they saw the star and the Fields of Ruth and Boaz.  Our group also toured the Nativity church, the Grotto of the Nativity, St. Catherine’s church, Grotto of St. Jerome, Milk Grotto, Tomb of the Virgin Mary and we had some wonderful views of Kedron and Josephat’s Valleys. 

View of Gethsamane

Oldest Olive Tree in World

Fields of Kedron and Josophat Valley

Church of St Catherine, Bethlehem

Amman Old Biblical City

      By the end of the day we had walked miles and miles so I was glad Edith hadn’t come because with her foot problems I wasn’t sure if she would have been able to keep up.  I was glad when we settled into our cars to return to our hotel and I wondered if Edith would approach me for information about what we’d seen for the newspaper articles back home or not. 

      When I got back to our room I sat down on the bed and laid back to rest for just a few minutes but fell asleep until Edith woke me up to let me know it was time to go to dinner.  I reluctantly went to dinner since all I really wanted to do was sleep but once our meal arrived I was glad I had decided to eat.  Dinner was a wonderful roasted chicken and we had ice cream for dessert which was nice for a change.

      After dinner all I wanted to do was go back to our room to sleep but Edith, who had rested all day, was full of energy so she tried to get several of us to play cards.  Most of our group was too tired but she finally found a couple besides her and Gertrude who were willing to sit and play cards for a few hours. 

     I returned to our room alone and gratefully enjoyed the quiet while I took a nice hot bath and washed out some things.  Once that was done I turned in for the night.  Edith woke me up when she came in but I didn’t have any trouble going back to sleep.


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