November 18, 1961 – Ceylon

Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Ceylon – Clear

     I had to tell Edith to go on our morning tour when she woke me up today.  I felt like I was running a temperature and coming down with something although I couldn’t be sure if it wasn’t from staying up so late.  I told Edith to make my apologies to the others and I went back to sleep.

     A couple of hours later though I got up and ordered some breakfast from room service.  It felt good to have some extra time to myself this morning.  Breakfast was good and I enjoyed being able to sit quietly, sip my coffee and write some letters back home.  I wrote three letters.  The first one I wrote to Harry White because I wanted to thank him for introducing me to Peggy.  My second letter was to Peggy so I could ask her to get me some material for a coat.  The last letter I wanted to get done before I packed to leave this afternoon was to Ramona:

Nov 18, 1961 – Colombo, Ceylon

Dear Ramona and Everyone;

     Received your letter that makes several I’ve gotten from you, thank you.  Well that was some fire we read about in the newspaper article and I wondered how really bad it was.  (Oh yes I think this letter is #15.  I think I forgot to put a number #14 on the letter from Madras.) 

     We are leaving this place a little later today to fly to Bombay. This is a nice hotel. I like Colombo.  We are right on the Indian Ocean.  Our room is right over the lovely beach and we could hear the booming of the surf all night. 

     I write to you so often I don’t see why you don’t get the letters unless the clerks take the money and don’t send the mail.  I sent a package from Madras and he wouldn’t let me put the stamps on.  Also two rolls of film; both cost me $4. 

     The meals are good here.  I am going to build a shrine to the banana when I get home – it has saved me from starvation so many times. 

     I didn’t get to see Preja (Harry’s friend) here.  She came to the hotel while I was gone but did not leave any word for me. 

     I have a picture taken of me sitting on an elephants now.  I hope it comes out.  We went to Kandy yesterday and saw some beautiful orchids and gardens.  Kandy is a lovely place. 

     Well dear I’ll rest awhile and get ready for the plane trip.  Love to all.  Mother

     After finishing my letter to Ramona I lay back down to rest for a few more minutes and drifted off to sleep.  I evidently slept for about an hour and when I got up to pack for our afternoon trip I felt more rested.  I was glad I had made the time for myself today because I knew tonight was going to be another late one.  I decided to call for a light lunch from room service and by the time it had arrived I had almost finished packing.  While I was eating Edith returned from the morning tour and together we finished packing our suitcases. 

     Our tour group met in the lobby at 1pm and we left for the airport a few minutes later.  Once we arrived there it took us several hours to get checked in and to board our plane.  It took a lot longer than usual.  Finally at 3:30pm we flew out of Colombo and arrived in Madras at 5pm where we had to de-board to go through customs before leaving for Bombay.  Customs was very slow and it seemed like they had lots more questions than usual so our group made its way through the maze very slowly.  After we were done with customs we made our way to our gate to catch our next flight at 6:15pm for Bombay.  The plane was a big one for a change and although our trip was exhausting it was still pleasant.  We weren’t served a meal during our flight though so I was very hungry by the time we arrived at 10:30pm. 

     It was close to midnight by the time we finally walked into the Airlines Hotel after the normal delays getting our luggage and driving to the hotel.  Once we had arrived it took us another ninety minutes to get our rooms which added to my exhaustion.  Before I left the lobby I asked the desk clerk if I’d received any messages.  I had hoped that I would have a message from Medhu, Bob’s friend in college, but he said no one had called or left a message for me.  It had been my hope to visit with Medhu while I was in Bombay.

     Once I was finally able to sit down on my bed and take a deep breath I realized I wasn’t hungry but a little nauseated instead.  I had decided not to unpack anything since we were leaving Bombay the next day but when I got up to take out what I needed for the night I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom to vomit.  I had to throw up over and over again during the next hour or so.  Each time I tried to go to bed I had to go back to the bathroom so I didn’t have a lot of luck sleeping.


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