November 16, 1961 – India

Connemara Hotel, Madras, India – Clear

     We woke up early again today and packed our suitcases so we could leave later today for the airport.  Our group met for breakfast and I was glad they had hard boiled eggs as one of the options to choose from.  Prior to leaving for the airport all of us made a point of sending out our packages and letters since Madras was considered a safe place to do that from.

     Mid-morning we climbed into cars to drive around the city to see some of the area till it was time to go to the airport.  As we made our way through the streets I found the city interesting but I was glad we were leaving it. 

     Our flight took off at noon and we arrived in Colombo, Ceylon at 3:30pm.  Once again on our trip we only were given a box lunch to eat but I couldn’t eat any of it.  By the time we flew into our destination I was really hungry so I really hoped that the food would be better at our hotel.  For some reason after we touched down we had to wait for over an hour to get our luggage so we could go through customs.  Customs also seemed to take longer than it had in previous countries.   Driving through town to our hotel I found Colombo to be a beautiful city and more advanced than those we’d seen in India.  In fact, Colombo turned out to be closer to what I’d thought Bali would be like and it had wide, clean boulevards.

     We finally made it to our hotel at 5pm but weren’t able to get into our rooms till 6pm.  When we checked in I found three letters waiting for me – one from my brother Art, another from Harry White and an additional one from Ramona.  By that time we were able to go to our room I was so very tired all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed.  While Edith readied herself for dinner I took the time to read my letters and it was good to hear from back home.  Once Edith was ready to do down to the dining room we left our room to go eat.

     Edith and I didn’t wait very long for anyone to meet us because many in our group had said they were going to skip dinner.  Flo, Curt and Ethyl joined us along with a few others.  I knew I was too hungry to wait till morning to eat again and I was glad I had come down for dinner.  The menu offered us a nice variety of food we could choose from and the meal turned out to be pretty good. 

     I felt nice and sated after dinner.  I knew I was ready to return to our room and get ready for bed after eating but I decided to take a bath first.  Edith took hers after I did and by the time she had finished hers I was sound asleep.


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