November 7, 1961 – India

Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, India – Clear but foggy at night

      I slept really well and woke up ready for a good day despite having had trouble getting to sleep.  I think it had to do with having a full stomach from the great dinner I’d had last night.  Mahendra had told us that today would be the start of Diwali or the Festival of Lights which was a significant five day festival for the Hindu.  So I wondered how much of the festival we would get to see.

      After a wonderful breakfast several of us decided to use our free day to go shopping.  Edith, two other ladies from our tour, Gertrude and Eva, and I left together to find a place that Mahendra had suggested we would find some shops open despite of Diwali.  As we walked along most of the stores were closed but we finally did find one open where I found a hat I really liked that was only $5, American.  Edith bought two hats and Gertrude one.  Since we couldn’t find too many places to look through we just walked around and then went back to the hotel. 

      Disappointed at our shopping failure we all had a nice lunch together.  After my meal I went back to my room while Edith had to go see a doctor because of pain she was having in her ear.  I spent the afternoon writing Christmas cards till Edith returned to our room.  I was surprised to find out that she had a punctured ear drum which had developed an infection.  She felt and looked quite miserable so I was glad she had finally gone to see a doctor. 

      Tonight we were all supposed to dress up for dinner so I helped Edith get ready for our evening and made sure she took her pain medication to help her feel better.  We met in the hotel dining room for dinner and were treated to a truly spectacular meal.  Our meal tonight was even better than the one we had last night.  We had many delightful choices for main dishes and desserts. After days and days of having just rice, bananas and other fruit, it was wonderful to have hard food and lots of it. 

      After dinner Edith and I joined Ethyl and Flo to play cards for a couple of hours.  The medication the doctor had given Edith seemed to be helping and she was in a much better mood than she had been earlier. Ethyl pulled out our itinerary at one point and found we had a full day of touring coming up so Edith and I decided to quit playing cards early and return to our room.

      When I lay down in bed to sleep I noticed that I had a little headache so I was hoping I would be up to a full day of touring in the morning but would see how I felt.


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