October 24, 1961 – Bali

Beach Sagara Hotel, Denpasar, Bali – Clear, warm

      Edith and I got up early this morning so could get ready to leave Bali and that made us very happy.  I couldn’t wait till we got to our next hotel and hopefully find soap to use.  Once our bags were ready to leave Edith and I went over to have our last meal.

      The dining room was busy so we were seated with another couple who were from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called the Kennedy’s.  We had a nice chat while we waited for our meal.  I couldn’t bring myself to order more than some bananas and I noticed they seemed to like the same diet I did, bananas.  When we compared notes it seemed they found Bali to be a lot more pleasant than we did.  They said they had seen much worse in places they had visited so they considered it very comfortable in Denpasar.  When I asked them about the soap issue I found they always carried soap with them so it hadn’t been an issue for them. 

      Our group gladly got on the bus that was to take us to the airfield at 10:45am.  While we waited for our flight Edith and I went to the dining room at the air port to see if we could get a light lunch before we boarded our plane at noon.  It felt good to settle into our chairs for our flight.  Once we took off I made my way to the bathroom just so I could wash my hands and face with soap they kept there.  It felt so good to actually have clean hands again.  Our flight to Djakarta was a long one but a pleasant one and we arrived back there again at 5pm. 

      Once again we stayed at the Duta Indonesia Hotel and when I found out I wasn’t excited but I knew anything would be better than what we had in Bali.  I was disappointed when I wasn’t given any letters at check in.  When Edith and I got to our room we found it was much nicer than our previous one at this hotel.   Our room had a good view and more luxuries for us and we were ecstatic to have soap because now we could take a real bath.  We saw our room had a net to put over our beds and an air conditioner this time so Edith and I knew we would be very comfortable sleeping tonight.  I wondered if Curt hadn’t insisted we get better rooms this time since we’d all been so miserable in Bali.   

      Since we’d only had a light lunch at the airport in Bali and a snack on the plane our group was famished when we all headed to the hotel dining room for dinner.  I remember feeling pleasantly surprised when I realized I wasn’t being bothered by flies while I ate my dinner.  When I looked over the menu I had trouble deciding what I would order because it all looked so good.  I truly made a pig of myself that night and enjoyed every minute of it since the food was excellent.

      After dinner Edith and I took turns taking a long, long bath in the hottest water we could get and using lots of soap.  I felt so good afterward and I knew I would sleep like a baby all clean on my soft bed.


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