October 22, 1961 – Bali

Beach Sagara Hotel, Denpasar, Bali – Clear

      I woke up early again today because our itinerary called for doing a lot of touring.  Although I did sleep better last night I still didn’t feel rested this morning.  The bed felt like a board and the pillows they provided were more like stones than a pillow.

      My choices for breakfast were just as bad as the previous day so all I had again were just a couple of hard boiled eggs along with a banana before we took off to explore the day.  The roads were rough to travel on but at least this time we had cars to travel in instead of a bus.  The shocks on the car made the trip a little smoother. 

      The scenery we saw was very nice as we traveled to Tampaksiring to see a temple, the Gunung Kawi, that was carved into a cliff face.  Everything was so green and seemed so serene to look at.  It was hard to imagine how hard it had been and how long it had taken to carve out the temples during the eleventh century. 

      One of the most interesting things we saw all day were the nutmeg trees in the Sacred Monkey forest.  There was a sacred temple in the forest with all the monkeys and it was fun to watch the monkeys play in their natural environment instead of a zoo.  I enjoyed walking around the forest and seeing the various temples, however, as it got later in the day it became very miserable due to the humidity and heat.  The flies were terrible too.

Monkeys in Sacred Forest

Temple in Sacred Forest

      Our tour headed back to the hotel early in the afternoon for lunch and because of the heat.  Once the cars dropped us off Edith and I went back to our room to lie on our beds and to try to stay cool.  Neither of us were hungry so when the others went to the dining room we didn’t get up.  We were glad when the sun started to go down.   As it came time for dinner Edith and I were hoping it wouldn’t be a repeat of last night with having to eat off of grape leaves.

      We were driven to another location for our meal.  Dinner turned out to not be very good again and I decided I would just survive on bananas.  Though our meal proved to be disappointing I did like the entertainment they had for us.  This time it was natives who performed something we were told was called the Monkey dance.  There were about one hundred men who performed it for us and at one point they sat in a circle and enacted a play for us about monkeys.  It was impressive to watch and they were fun to listen to. 

      Edith and I had found the island to be beautiful and the people very friendly but it hadn’t turned out to be the island of romance and beauty like we’d thought it would be.  The people seemed to have a lazy streak and I suspected it was due to the heat and humidity which was a shame.

      After we were dropped off, Edith and I walked back to our room.  I noticed that the arthritis in Edith’s feet was painfully obvious and I felt sorry for her.  Once we reached our room Edith and I decided to play Canasta for the rest of the evening.  She appreciated my staying with her since she found it hard to get around.  I was tired anyway and didn’t feel like going anywhere anyway. 

      Once we finished playing cards I took another bath but without soap since the scrap we had was all used up.  I’d forgotten to see if I could get more soap that day.  I wished I’d brought some soap with me and I determined I would buy some as soon as I could and never go on another trip without it again. 

      I hated going to sleep feeling grimy again but I didn’t have any choice.


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