October 16, 1961 – Macao

Fat Shan Ferry, Macao, China – Clear

     I woke up as the ferry was heading into Hong Kong again.  I was glad when we docked because Edith and I both had to go back to the tailor for a fitting before we left Hong Kong again. 

      Edith had also ordered a dress be made out of some pink material.  When she saw what the tailor had done she frowned and made a face.  She told me later that she was very disappointed with how the material she had picked out looked.  I thought it was lovely but she didn’t agree.  I really loved the coat and suit that I was having made. 

      Peggy and her mother joined Edith and I to get some lunch before taking us to do more shopping.  One of the shops was a wonderful jewelry store and I bought some pearls and earrings.  In another store I bought a robe and some really nice handkerchiefs.  I was glad Peggy had been available so much to come shopping with us while I was in Hong Kong.  I didn’t think I would have found many of the things I’d bought if it hadn’t been for Peggy.

      Peggy and her mother brought Edith and I back to the hotel before it was time for us to leave for the airport at 5:30pm.  I hated to say good bye to Peggy and her mother so soon but I promised to write her often.  Peggy offered to shop for me in the future if I needed anything and to ship it to me.  I was so happy I’d gotten this chance to get to know her better and I was excited to share what I’d found out with Harry White when I got home. 

      Our tour group made it to the airport in plenty of time so we could fly to Manila.  Our flight on a Cathay Pacific Airways, an Electra 11, was a nice one but it was raining in Manila when we arrived so I couldn’t get a good view of the city. 

      The Manila Hotel, where we were staying, turned out to be very nice.  At check in the clerk gave Curt all the letters waiting for our tour group and when he called my name for one I felt giddy like a kid at Christmas.  I was glad to hear from home and to hear how my brother Pat and wife Vee were doing.

      After going to our room to freshen up and read my letter I found I had a big appetite.  This was a change from the last few days when I was sick so I was glad.  The hotel turned out to have a good restaurant so Edith and I really enjoyed our dinner.  I ordered a chicken dish and Edith fish.  Once I was back in our room I decided to write Bob before going to sleep because I wanted to mail it in the morning:

Oct 16, 1961- Manila, Philippines

Dear Pat and Bob;

     We arrived here tonite after a hard week and we are very tired. 

     We did a lot of shopping in Hong Kong and time will tell if we get everything we bought.  I fell for the men’s suiting and ordered 2 pants suits for Bob which I want you to open as soon as you get it although this will be your birthday and Christmas present.  I had it made by the most expert tailor for Ray also for his Christmas and Peggy Aw is going to send them to you.  She might get them mixed up, as she is going to send each article separately, so as to take advantage of the under $10 gift law.  I had a Vicuna coat made exactly like the one I tried on in Los Angeles except that it is a light color and it was higher priced in LA.  Then I also had a silk suit made with a dress and coat.  Both turned out beautiful.  I also had a pink cocktail dress made that I’m not so happy about but I had that ordered before I saw Peggy at a different shop. 

     Now Peggy Aw is Harry White’s adopted granddaughter and she is very nice.  She helped me with my shopping and told me just where to go for certain things.  She took me out for a real Chinese dinner one night.  Today she took me out for a real Chinese luncheon at a very nice restaurant.  I went to her house and met her mother and her mother came with us today.  Peggy can speak very good English but her mother cannot.  We had a nice time though and it made me very sad to part from them.  However, Peggy will be my contact in Hong Kong in case I should want something.  She has already helped me tremendously and I got better quality with her help. 

     I got a letter from Pat and Vee here but no other mail.  I don’t know if my mail is getting through or not.  I would sure like hear from everyone. 

     Pat you better open a few packages but a wooden box should arrive and that is for all three children Patrick, Penny and Liz Ann – so far – but don’t tell them I might change my mind about that one.  I tried to send to different names but I find myself running out.  However we will not be shopping so much anymore.

     We went to Macao yesterday and stayed all night on the boat – arrived back in Hong Kong at 7am.  Macao is quite an experience.  We went to a beautiful hotel and had a wonderful dinner but all the time I felt guilty.  We had just seen how the refugees here live.  They do not have enough food so they eat rats, mice, lizards, dogs (if they can catch any).  We only saw 4 dogs and all were tied up.  Two we knew were being fattened up.  Horrible. 

     At the gambling house and I sure missed the boat.  I thought, “Well, I should put a coin on a number just to say I did’.  I used a $1 Hong Kong which is 28 cents.  I put it on 5 and 5 came up and paid it paid 18 to 1.  Just think if I had put a $10 bill on. 

     Well we arrived at Macao at about 5:30pm and then walked back to the boat about 10pm and went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep so was walking the deck about 2:30am.  I took a sleeping pill at 3am and at 3am the boat sailed out for Hong Kong.  We got back to Hong Kong at 7am.  We had to get up at 6am to be ready to disembark. 

     I am tired tonight so bye, loads of love, Mother  (Save this letter for my diary)

     I sealed up the letter and made it ready to mail in the morning before taking a long hot bath.  The bath felt so good and when I lay down I was ready to close my eyes and go to sleep.


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  1. Patrick S Poplin
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 23:01:21

    I wonder if the wooden box that she mentions in the letter to Mom is a wooden puzzle box that I still have. If that is true, then I owe a million apologies to Penny because I kept it for myself, and she got really burned that I wouldn’t let her try to figure it out.


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