Postcards from Japan

     During grandma’s trip she bought postcards to send home although many of them she didn’t because of the cost.  Below are the postcards she purchased while she was in Japan.  If the card was sent home to someone I’ve written the text from the back of the card below it. 

     I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I did!

Kanaya Hotel

Fujiya Hotel - Flower Palace

Dining Room at Fujiya Hotel

Gardens at Fujiya Hotel

Oct 5, 1961

Dear Bob and Everybody,

This the view outside our windows.  This a fabulous hotel and tonight we will have a hot mineral bath and a massage for 30 min.  Today we visited a private home and had tea and cakes.  Love Mother


Chrysanthemum Pavilion, Fujiya Hotel

Great Buddha at Kamakura

The Great Buddha

Miyako Hotel, Kyoto

  Dear Janice,

This city is like a dream city all pagoda and shrines.  It stormed last night, thunder (big, big).  We went to a Geisha Party and we all danced and had our pictures taken.  More fun.  Love Grandma


Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan

 Dear Penny,

We are at this hotel.  It is beautiful.  This city is like a cream city.  The Golden Shrine and the largest Shinto.  Also the houses all have the tiled roofs.  We went to a Geisha party last night and I learned the baseball dance so I can do it with you.  Love Grandma


Woodblock Print of Heian Shrine

Nara Hotel

Print of Nara Hotel


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rhinophile
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 04:51:25

    I am reading a book called ‘In Praise of Shadows’ and the author mentioned the Miyako Hotel in Kyoto. A Google search came across the postcards from your grandmother. The photos of the old hotels are fascinating – thanks for sharing them!


  2. chinasounds
    May 23, 2016 @ 07:33:31

    I’m reading Beauty and Sadness, which also mentions the Miyako Hotel …this blog is amazingly sweet, poignant, wonderful …wow


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